About Us

Virbac group

Founded in 1968 in Carros close to Nice by veterinarian Pierre-Richard Dick, Virbac is dedicated exclusively to animal health. With a turnover of €736 million in 2013, the company ranks today as the 8th largest animal health company worldwide. Its wide range of vaccines and medicines are used in the prevention and treatment of the main pathologies for both companion and food-producing animals.

Over the last forty years Virbac has become a recognised expert in the sector, offering products and services that combine quality, effectiveness and convenience for care providers (veterinarians and animal owners).

Present in more than 100 countries the company has more than 4,350 employees. Quoted on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1985 Virbac has remained a family company, not only as regards its shareholding but also through its management principles, its culture and its company values.

International presence has been an integral part of Virbac's strategy since the very beginning. Starting in 1978, group expansion abroad speeded up progressively in the 1980s and then in the 1990s. Today Virbac is present in all 5 continents, with around 85% of its sales made outside of France.


TThe group's aim is to increase its market share in the two animal health sectors (companion animals and food-producing animals) while still steadily improving its operational profitability.

Effective and practical

Safe, simple to administer, easy to handle and accompanied by services and educational advice – every one of Virbac's products has been designed for optimum use in order to improve the compliance and the prescriptions' efficacy.

Throughout the years, Virbac has shown its know-how to listen to the market requirements, detect understand and interpret the needs of its customers.

Coupled with an original approach it allows Virbac to provide innovative and differenciated products to its customers.

Client focus

Virbac innovation is based on both technological advances and listening to our customers. Every new product aims to improve the treatment of animal pathologies and facilitate veterinary practice. The Group has a broad technical expertise which is used to develop original formulations, improving the safety and effectiveness of treatments while increasing their compliance.

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