Megaderm is highly recommended for shiny haircoat! It is a potent nutritional supplement providing the best essential fatty acids (EFA) from the omega 6 and omega 3 families. It is formulated in an ideal 5:1 ratio of omega 6 to Omega 3, recommended by veterinary dermatologists. Megaderm helps in the control of various dermatological conditions in dogs and cats particularly in allergies by working on 2 complementary levels:

Level 1: restoration of skin integrity

Level 2: regulation of inflammation (redness and itching)

Megaderm contains sunflower seed oil, cold sea fish oils, evening primrose oil, tocopheryl acetate, butylated hydroxyanisol, retinyl palmitate.

There are two simple and easy options for using Megaderm:

1. In pets with a dermatological condition, give one packet each day. 1 box treats for 4-8 weeks may be necessary. Usage can be renewed in accordance with the recommendation aveterinarian.

2. For maintaining healthy skin and hair coat of pets, give one packet every other day. 1 box treats for 8 weeks is recommended. Usage can be renewed in accordance with the recommendation of a veterinarian.

Available in 28 sachets/box (for dogs less than 10 kg) and 28 sachets/box (for dogs more than 10 kg)

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